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Maxxis Tyres

Maxxis Tyres

The Maxxis Tyres Guarantee

  1. Maxxis will replace a tyre which demonstrates a defect due to the manufacturing process or materials used.
  2. Maxxis will replace a tyre which shows irreparable damage resulting from normal road use.
    This guarantee operates independently of the purchase date and is non transferable from the party named on the guarantee certificate.
    This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights. Replacement is based on dealer assessment where a replacement value is calculated based on the amount of tread used.

Register you tyres using our Maxxis Tyres Lifetime Guarantee Registration Form

Maxxis recommends the following key areas are checked to ensure that your tyres continue to perform with the safety, grip and reliability you demand. The following should be checked on a regular basis:

  • Tread depth
  • Tyre pressure
  • Tracking and alignment
  • Inspect your tyres for visual damage

This guarantee is offered by Stapleton’s Tyre Services Ltd and any correspondence should be directed to Stapleton’s.
In the unlikely event you need to make a claim against the guarantee you can do that using this form, but please read the guarantee exclusions first.

Latest Passenger Car Tyre From MAXXIS:

Maxxis Victra VS01Victra Sport VS01

New summer asymmetric pattern with excellent high-speed sport performance

  • New summer asymmetric pattern with a fashionably attractive appearance
  • Excellent high-speed sport performance and driving stability provides extraordinary control and manoeuvrability
  • Outstanding dry and wet handling performance in all weather conditions
  • Low noise emissions for a quieter ride

Maxxis Tyres FactoryCarnoustie Tyres are Maxxis Tyres Stockists and can fit your tyres the very same day to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.  If we do not have your size of tyre in stock we can have it ordered and fitted within 24 hours!  Give us a call today and give your car the Maxxis Tyres treatment.

Maxxis International is committed to delivering high performance tyres to the world. Our products are unequalled in quality and performance.

With over forty-five years of manufacturing experience and the ingenuity of our people, we have created new technologies to develop our diversified tyre products.

Our products are thoroughly tested in our own facilities and at the world’s leading tyre test centres. In addition, our engineers test our tyres with our national and world-class champions.

We utilise the most advanced manufacturing equipment and engineering facilities in the industry. Only after extensive professional evaluation does a product go into production.

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