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Winter Tyre Safety
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There is still a huge misconception in the UK that winter tyres are only designed for driving on snow and ice. This couldn’t be further from the truth as the actual benefits are noticeable as soon as the temperature drops to 7° Celsius or below. For the majority of the UK, that’s the typical average temperature from mid-November until at least mid-February.Can you risk being without Winter Tyres this winter?Buy winter tyres online here

Carnoustie Tyres are encouraging customers to pre-order their winter tyres early this year in preparation of another possibly cold winter. With harsh conditions experienced over the last previous years, we should prepare for what could be yet another ‘Cold’ one.

We look on with envy at the European countries that manage to keep business going as usual in harsh conditions but when a few flakes of snow fall in our country, it brings us to a standstill. Across Europe this month, drivers will be getting their tyres changed to prepare for the forthcoming weather conditions.  A number of EU countries have made the use of winter tyres a legal requirement and many offer specific winter recommendations. The UK has no such legislation in place so it is always going to be difficult to encourage people to change lifelong habits.

Winter tyres explained

Winter tyres are made of a soft rubber compound which means that even in very cold conditions where a normal tyre would be quite hard, they still offer good levels of grip and maintain their flexibility.

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The tread pattern in winter tyres is also noticeably different as they are designed to give better grip in cold and wet conditions with much deeper tread separations to repel water and give better grip. They are also typically narrower than conventional tyres which gives a greater resistance to skidding and aqua planning.

Tyres are a complex subject and without going into the full discussion of physics we are merely explaining that on snow and in the wet, narrower tyres allow the car to put more pressure on the road giving the car better grip.

Why fit Winter Tyres?

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Tests carried out comparing winter tyres and standard tyres show that braking distances on snow from a speed of 30mph can vary as much as 8 metres. It is not just snow and ice where drivers will see the benefit. Winter tyres provide shorter braking distances and better grip when the temperature drops below 7°C. This is when the rubber on standard tyres begins to harden and lose its grip to the road.

We will provide you with prices to suit all budgets, and what’s more, competitively priced! And after the winter when the warmer months return, we will re-fit and balance your standard tyres back on to your vehicle.*   *(nominal fee applicable).

If you would like to receive a quotation for winter tyres, please contact the Office on 01241 85666 for more details or visit our online tyre buying page Please have your tyre size information to hand. This can be found on the sidewall of your tyre. Example – 205/55/16 V.

Stay safe this winter with our help.

Carnoustie Tyres offer a huge range of Winter Tyres from Budget Brands to Premium Brands , most tyres are available next day or same day delivery. Winter tyre prices have dropped dramatically in the past few years and it is far more affordable to fit winter tyres to your car.

Tyre hotel: for a five-star stay

When the season changes, you may have to find a place to put your summer or winter tyres. At Carnoustie Tyres, we have the perfect solution: just store them in our Tyre Hotel.

The seasons have a great impact on the conditions of the road and your driving.

At the end of the year, when winter temperatures come, it is highly recommended to get winter tyres in order to guarantee maximum control and safety.

Tyre Hotel is a special place in our Carnoustie Tyres centre dedicated to storing your tyres between the seasons. They get stored in optimal conditions and you don’t take space in your home. Moreover, you don’t have to transport your tyres to the service centre every time you need to change them.

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